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Preoperative Diagnostic Testing Model

Rosenberg, E. I. (2021) Preoperative Diagnostic Testing and Utilization of Basic Statistics SHM Learning Portal

UF launches first GIM fellowship in Florida

The UF General Internal Medicine (UFGIM) Fellowship program is a new, one-year, non-ACGME accredited program within the Division of General Internal…

2020 Exemplary Teacher Awards

We’d like to recognize and congratulate our General Internal Medicine winners of the 2020 College of Medicine Exemplary Teacher Award! Please let…

Recent publications

Optimizing Geriatric Care in the COVID Era

Meenrajan, S., Goede, D. (2021) Optimizing Geriatric Care in the COVID Era. Trends Geriatr Healthc 3(1):55-56 doi: 10.36959/452/583

Professionalism Revisited During the Pandemic

Zaidi, Z., Razack, S. & Kumagai, A.K. (2021) Professionalism revisited during the pandemics of our time: COVID-19 and racism. Perspect Med Educ…

Sexual Harassment in [Academic Medicine]

Hsiao C. J., Akhavan N. N., Singh Ospina N, Zaidi, Z. et al. (2021). Sexual Harassment Experiences Across the Academic Medicine Hierarchy. Cureus…

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Welcome to the Division of General Internal Medicine, a dynamic group of 40 faculty members dedicated to excellence in clinical care, medical education, and research. Our faculty members are consistently recognized as among the very best clinicians and educators in the College of Medicine as evidenced by numerous leadership positions and awards for teaching medical students and house staff.

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