Contemporary Challenges in Medical Education: From Theory to Practice

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Impacting Instruction for Frontline Educators

This practical textbook helps educators effectively prepare students for seldom-taught issues that arise daily in the practice of clinical medicine.

In Contemporary Challenges in Medical Education: From Theory to Practice, experienced clinician-educators offer real-world examples of various pedagogical and clinical scenarios, providing evidence- and theory-based approaches to managing them. They discuss topics including courage, humility, and empathy in medicine; failure and burnout; graceful self-promotion; positive role-modeling; work ethics and attitudes; bedside manner; ethical and legal challenges in the era of electronic health records; and controversial subjects—such as gun ownership and abortion—and how to address them. Chapters also recommend ways to promote a culture of wellbeing in the learning environment, including strategies for dealing with microaggressions on female and minority students and faculty. This volume is a valuable resource for frontline educators who wish to help learners navigate the transition from layperson to medical professional.


Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg MD, MSPH, FACP


Rebecca J Beyth

Rebecca J Beyth M.D., M.Sc

Professor Emeritus

Zareen Zaidi, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine


SECTION I. Professional Development

ChaPter Authors
Focusing on Well-Being Irene M. Estores and Margaret C. Lo
Medical Error and Resilience Maryam Sattari, James Smith, and Robert Watson
Attitude and Work Ethic Henrique Kallas and Rebecca J. Beyth
Professional Identity Formation Melanie Gross Hagen, Neal Holland, and Lynn Monrouxe
Graceful Self-Promotion: An Approach for Career Development Katherine N. Huber, Zareen Zaidi, and Page S. Morahan

SECTION II. Professionalism Issues

Teaching Women and Minorities: The Challenges of Microaggressions in Medical Education Dianne Goede, Danielle Panna, Zareen Zaidi, and Monica Vela
Courage in Medicine John Massini, Nila Radhakrishnan, and Eric I. Rosenberg
The Secret in the Care of the Learner Ying Nagoshi, Paulette Hahn, and Alma Littles
Teaching Humility and Avoiding Hierarchy Jason S. Fromm, Robert S. Egerman, and Rebecca R. Pauly

SECTION III. Implications for Teaching

A Framework for Discussing Controversial Topics in Medical Education Ryan Nall, Lauren Solberg, Robert L. Cook, and Brenda Rogers
Teaching in the Electronic Era: Medical Records and Social Media Edlira Maska, Eric I. Rosenberg, and Daniëlle Verstegen
Introspection about Role Modeling Juan Guarderas, Maureen Novak, and Carolyn Stalvey
Teaching and Learning Empathy Ashleigh Wright, Jeffrey Budd, and Rebecca R. Pauly

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