Faculty Represent UF at SGIM 2024

This meeting aims to enhance the skills of academic general internists and those interested in medical education, research, healthcare delivery, policy, and clinical general internal medicine. Attendees engage in lectures, workshops, and poster presentations to create a personalized educational experience. Topics include best practices, research findings, clinical cases, and skill-building opportunities.

Drs. Eric Rosenberg, Dianne Goede, Nila Radhakrishnan, Ryan Nall, & Paige Barker present at the Annual SGIM Conference.


GIM FAculty presentation title
Dianne Goede, MD & Eric Rosenberg, MD Utilizing In Situ Simulation to Improve Emergency Response in an Academic General Internal Medicine Clinic
Dianne Goede, MD & Eric Rosenberg, MD Using Patient Navigation to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening at an Academic General Internal Medicine Clinic
Paige Barker, MD Best Practices in Serious Illness Communication for Patients from Historically Marginalized Backgrounds
Margaret Lo, MD & Melanie Hagen, MD Improving Residents’ Perception and Clinical Knowledge of Motivational Interviewing through Didactic Learning
Ryan Nall, MD Evidence-Based Models to Invigorate and Innovate Your Precepting Skills