Ryan Nall, MD Presents at AI4Health

UF College of Medicine hosts their second Annual AI4Health event. Seeking to enhance healthcare by utilizing Artificial Intelligence, exploring how AI-driven breakthroughs will revolutionize clinical approaches and enhance patient well-being. This three-day event features healthcare professionals from around the nation, collaborating and discussing various topics related to the use of AI in healthcare settings. There are many potential advantages to integrating AI into healthcare, but like any technology, AI presents risks that need to be carefully managed to ensure that the benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Dr. Ryan Nall presents Panel Discussion: Clinician to Address the Use of AI in Generating Treatment Plans for Their Patients.

Karandeep Singh, MD & Ryan Nall, MD

Speakers Karandeep Singh, MD, Ryan Nall, MD, and Ty Davis Discuss Navigating Health Decisions with Data and AI. Eric Rosenberg, MD, moderates this discussion.

Karandeep Singh, MD, Ryan Nall, MD, Ty Davis, & Eric Rosenberg, MD

Chief of the UF Division of General Internal Medicine, Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education.

Eric Rosenberg, MD