Patients and Guns: Florida Physicians Are Not Asking.

The number of deaths from gun violence continues to increase in the United States. Despite multiple studies demonstrating that counseling patients leads to safer gun storage, it is not routinely practiced by physicians. There are multiple barriers to discussing firearms with patients. A barrier in Florida, until recently, was a law preventing physicians from asking patients about firearms. The law was overturned in 2017; however, it is unclear whether physicians are aware of this decision. We undertook a survey to study University of Florida faculty physicians’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to discussing firearms safety.

Hagen, M. G., Carew, B., Crandall, M., & Zaidi, Z. (2019). Patients and Guns: Florida Physicians Are Not Asking. South Med J, 112(11), 581-585. doi:10.14423/smj.0000000000001035