Congratulations to Dr. Zaidi on her successful Ph.D. defense

Congratulations to Dr. Zareen Zaidi for successfully defending her Ph.D. dissertation today during a one-and-a-half-hour presentation which was teleconferenced to her committee at Maastricht University School of Health Professions in the Netherlands. Maastricht University is widely recognized as among the top Ph.D. programs in the world for medical education.

While completing her Ph.D, Dr. Zaidi was simultaneously serving as chief editor of Contemporary Topics in Medical Education (currently undergoing revision at our publisher), coauthoring many of the chapters of our textbook, along with managing a very busy internal medicine practice at UF Health – Tower Hill.

Dr. Zaidi is an associate professor of medicine in the division of general internal medicine, within the department of medicine at the University of Florida. She is director of logitudinal portfolios for the UF College of Medicine and director of scholarship for the department of medicine. She is a FAIMER fellow in medical education (Philadelphia Institute), in addition to completing her doctorate at Maastricht University. Her research interests include undergraduate medical education, workplace-based assessment, portfolios, qualitative research, critical theory, critical discourse analysis and cultural competency.